Sunlight Egyptian company for exporting Herbs , Spices , Seeds and dehydrated vegetables,  it is one of the preferable leading exporting company in  Egypt for processing Herbs & spices & aromatic seeds and dehydrated vegetables.

      We have been working since 1990 in these products in the local market. In the year 2000, we created a processing line , and we changed the trade activity from trading in raw materials to the processing materials and put up for exporters who do not have the production lines, so you can imagine our wide experience in product quality specifications, packaging and studying market prices.

     After successful deals in the local markets, we have expanded our activities into international ones, In 2016 sunlight company was created for exporting our products and we are constantly looking to expand our activities worldwide particularly in the area of herbs and spices.

Why sunlight Co. to be your maine supplier?

Sunlight Co.  located in Egypt _ Bani suef _ somosta  where the medical herbs and spices are fully grown.We lie in the heart of the area and we have a very good reputation in the field of processing, and marketing, offering our products at a high quality and competitive prices

- Have an integrated production line to prepaire raw materials and process the from impurities.

- Have an automatic draying line for some crops such as Dill tips, Celery leaves, Parsley leaves and Coriander leaves.

- Have warehouses for raw materials and other one for all processed for shipping.

- Have a team specialized in dealing and contracting with farmers directly.

- Have avariety of quality, prices and packing according to customers needs.

- Alwayes keen on suppliying at the same agreed time.

-  Our products are charactrized by Smell, Color, Oil percentage, New crops and dont contain Dust, Insects, Spiders, Heavy metals, safley packaged and appropriate to international standard.

-  Holds ISO 22000 : 2018,     ISO 9001 : 2015,      FDA certificate.


We welcome your visit to our company in Egypt and appreciate the opportunity to serve your wholesale of organic and pesticide free products. We are in a good position to supply you with all your needs from herbs & seeds & spices and dehydrated vegetables.