Our products

From our beginnings as specialists in herbs and spices, Sunlight has expanded its range of products to include dehydrated vegetables, seeds, herbs, spices, seasonings and blend products. If you have any specific requirements not included in our product lists, please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.



All products available all Seasons only check your needs and contact us


Our Products is the best for

• Beverage industry.
• Pharmaceutical Industry.
• whole salers.
• Herbal Tea markets.
• Restaurants.
• Oil extraction factories.
• Natural Cosmetics factories.
• Factories packing for herbs and spice.



Sunlight company is compliant with climate controlled packaging suites where Herbal products are packaged or repackaged under strict quality control.

Keeping the contents clean, fresh, and safe is our primary function. Our packages have features, which add convenience in distribution, handling, display, sale, opening, re closing, use and reuse. We take special measures to protect them from conditions like vibrations, temperature and compression and to avoid any kind of harm occurred during the transportation of products within Egypt and overseas.


Customized Packaging

Sunlight company puts the choice in the hands of its customers in terms of choice of packaging system and does not impose a specific mobilize - packaging system, we should leave the freedom of choice in the packaging even fits with the customer market we are mobilizing the product according to the client.


Quality & Prices

Excellent quality, competitive prices;, will give you best advantage to the market. We are a professional staff doing every effort to provide you top-ranking products and services. We can promise that our service is flexible and efficient. We always help you to hold advantage of competition. We stick to delivering our high quality product and best service to our global base of customers. We believe that we are your best choice. An even more beautiful future will begin when our hands join together!